Adobe Edge, the interface


Adobe Edge (contract in ‘Eg’), is a visual tool to generate animations compatible with the web standards ” HTML5 “, in a fast way. As you can easily expect, the application is very reminiscent of Flash Professional, but in some aspects even MS Expression Blend.

In this article, we will install the software (currently the preview 1 version) and see how to create the first animation.

We start by downloading Adobe Edge, the procedure requires access with credentials to the Adobe Labs, once we get the package for the installation we unzip it and launch the setup.

Install Adobe Eg
Install Adobe Eg

Finally, we launch the program and find an interface with the most classic features for animation software:

a panel with the ” stage ”
the timeline
the property panel
a navigation panel between the elements
a toolbar to select elements and selection tools

Adobe Eg panels
Adobe Eg panels

The first approach seems rather minimal, even for a preview, but starting to work we will discover other interesting elements.


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