Adobe Spark: Instagram graphics in minutes


The basic instructions to create a social graphic, for example for Instagram, exploiting the potential of Adobe Spark.

Making a graphic for social media using Adobe Spark is really easy and fast: thanks to the pre-set dimensions it is practically impossible to make a mistake in size, with the consequent risk of having to go back to setting up your own creation. Of the three subscription plans made available to users, for this project we will use the free plan, which already provides us with all the necessary tools at no cost.

To start, we have chosen a graphic for an Instagram Story , a “save the date” that anticipates news on our profile. Specifically, we decided to combine the immediacy of Instagram stories with the announcement of sales in our online shop. Obviously, the tool we are using is extremely versatile and allows us to decline this idea in many ways, with a single limit dictated by our imagination.

Proceed, then, choosing the Instagram Story format in the Social Post category and click on the Next button.

In the screen that appears, we insert in the text field the keyword useful to identify what we are looking for, in our case an agenda, to give the idea of ​​the appointment not to be missed. Once you find the background photo suitable for our project – the image chosen is free and is drawn from the main repositories of free photos available on the network – we proceed to select it continuing to the editing phase of the graphics.

If despite the many proposals there should not be an image that meets our needs or, simply, we already have an image to use, just click on Load and upload our file.

From the main panel you can change the background photo. For the image there are four commands , which allow to scale, rotate and invert the image horizontally or vertically. Always from the same screen, you can apply different filters to the image, to be able to change the colors.

At any time, from the editor you can choose to remove the Adobe Spark logo , located in the lower right image. To remove it, just click on it and immediately click on the Remove button .

If we are not satisfied with the background image chosen despite the changes, do not worry: once selected with the click of the mouse, you can return to the photo selection screen and proceed to load a new one.

By clicking on the text box it is possible to modify everything related to the textual part of the image, either through a direct modification of the text block or from the dedicated bar on the right. In our case, we will only change the color and opacity of the box, the font and text effects.

After entering the text through the pencil-shaped command in the block immediately above the project, we can devote ourselves to variations on the theme. Let’s start with the effects : we choose the shadow and apply it. Here Adobe Spark helps us: decreasing the opacity of the form. If we like the effect, we can change the shape and the text, always through the commands on the right.

For the form we chose a bookmark while for the font we focused on Voltaire, with a font color change equal to # 404040. With the Capitalize and Fit command, next to the text alignment keys, it allows the application to resize itself the content with respect to the container.

Last but not least is the alignment of the text frame with respect to the image. Selecting it and dragging it to the box you can see the two axes that aim at the center of the figure. Once centered, the text box can be inserted in its place.

If you want to add more icons or text blocks, you can do so via the button with the sign + in the right bar.

Finally, we move on to save the image on the disk: clicking on the top right you can choose whether to share the image directly on the main social networks or save it on your hard disk, to be able to later share it as Instagram Story. For Instagram, the correct format to choose is Image.

Once saved here, our graphics are ready to be shared.


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