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Canva: Christmas card in 5 minutes


With Canva you can create nice Christmas cards in a few minutes: here’s how.

With Canva you can accomplish in a few steps of the wonderful greeting cards for Christmas , ready to be printed and delivered by hand or sent by email to friends and family. Canva offers its users a vast collection of schemes, both free and dedicated to the Pro version. The most creative, however, will not have to give up their ideas: the possibilities are endless, thanks to the powerful tools made available through the interface accessible from browsers and apps.

To begin, we insert a background that will cover the layout in full. For this occasion, we chose Diagonal Stripes Left, the third of the second row in the Background section of the left side menu, with a custom background color (# 44d9e6). Once the choice has been made, it will be necessary to change the color by clicking on the background first and then on the square on the top left in the work area, then on the plus sign and finally written in the text area “Color code #” (the pound sign should not be reported inside).

The next step is to insert the box on the left: the element is called Solid Puzzle Shape and is part of the Forms category of the Elements menu , and is selectable both in the Background menu options and through search by entering the name indicated. Following the same procedure already mentioned, we changed the color by choosing a white cream identified by the hexadecimal code # f9f7f4.

To widen the shape and align it horizontally in the center we let ourselves be helped by Canva’s magnetic guides . In fact, by moving the image within the layout it is possible to display useful rulers that attract elements to them. As far as vertical alignment is concerned, on the other hand, we try to leave an internal margin on the left with the edge approximately equal to that of the top and bottom. Finally we insert the tree, Christmas Tree Illustration, in this case modified with the colors # fa1f5d and # 24b3c7. By dragging the illustration, it is also possible in this case to create a perfect alignment with the shape element, through the use of the guides.

Let’s go to the right side of our creation, that is dedicated to the text . But before inserting the inscription, let’s play on the levels and insert the heart in the background: White Heart Vector aligned, in this case, vertically about 75% and horizontally about 40% (if you do not satisfy the position, it will always be possible to change it later ). To set the transparency you need to click on the first icon (the fading board) and drag the cursor to the desired value.

Finally the ticket is taking shape: let’s move on to the writing. In this case we preferred to use four separate text blocks but, using Canva’s tools, it is possible to use combinations of visually harmonious, pleasing and decidedly incisive text. For our image we used three types of font : AMATIC SC (for capital letters) size 40 and color black (# 000000), Playlist Script (italic calligraphic) size 72, color # fa1f5d and line height 0.9 and finally Quicksand (tiny block letters) size 12 and always in black.

The text can be entered by clicking on the Text entry in the left menu and then clicking on the three types of text available: header, subtitle and text body. In this case the choice is completely subjective and in our case we have used all headers, except for the last block, in body text format. The textual elements have been centrally aligned and, in turn, centrally aligned with respect to the heart. For convenience, it is possible to group all the texts by selecting them at the same time and then choosing the Raggr. from the top menu of the workspace.

We finally wanted to give a personal touch by inserting two variants: the asterisk, created with an additional block of text in Quicksand 32, and a second level of text under the words Merry Christmasto create the shadow effect, a feature not currently available on Canva. Realizing it is very simple: in our case we have copied and pasted the element modifying some characteristics (color # 603813 and transparency 19, in this case contained in the menu item Other, always in the menu at the top right) and moving it slightly downwards and right with respect to the previous text. If the new writing should be superimposed on the one in magenta, we can restore it to the background by clicking again on the menu item Other, Organize and Ind. Until it is at the desired level.

The image is ready: you just have to download it by clicking on the Download button in the main top menu, choose the preferred format ( JPG may be fine in our case, and finally on Download.



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