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CSS Grid Layout also on Google Chrome


When compared to the Mountain View browser updates released in recent months, Chrome 57 presents itself […]

When compared to the Mountain View browser updates released in recent months, Chrome 57 is certainly one of the most feature-rich versions dedicated to developers; confirming this, it would suffice to mention the introduction of the support for the CSS Grid Layout module and the possibility of using the Media Session API for the web media application.

Grid Layout ( display: grid ) we have already spoken extensively in a previous article , basically it is a layout model that allows you to control both the size and the positioning of the box elements and their content. Grid Layout is therefore a more advanced alternative to the Flexible Box Layout (or FlexBox ), oriented on a single axis, as it allows to manage two-dimensional layouts and to take into account both dimensions in the alignments.

Grid Layout was conceived for the optimization of responsive user interfaces and allows to associate names to the different areas of a CSS grid in order to make the code more readable and understandable, moreover, it gives the possibility to specify the collocation of the components of a grid and to make relevant changes to the layout of a layout without having to make changes to the HTML markup.

Another new feature is the Media Session API, which ensures a deep integration of Web applications with the media experience of mobile devices, this integration takes place at the core level offering the opportunity to customize the look screen and notifications with multimedia content on Chrome for Android.

The Media Session API allows you to provide metadata to the browser about the content being played. The developer can then create lock screen messaging systems that can include information such as titles or names of the artists who created the content, in the same way you can use the API to respond to specific actions of users through notifications.

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